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More fun than a poke in the eye.


Born in '73, spent my life in and around small towns. High School and College were the best of times before I got married. Now my family is everything. Came to Christ in '92. Life has been hard, but much more rich and rewarding. Spent some time in the Army. Loved it! Got out before I could hate it. Living in Colorado. I don't ski, but I love rafting and snowmobiling. I have started a blog,, because I like to point out the ridiculousness that surrounds us.
Have a wife and a son. What more could I want. Looking foward to hearing from old friends. Drop a comment.


music, reading, rafting, digital imaging, and videos games. some favorites: authors--ted dekker, Stephen Lawhead, tom clancy, glenn beck, brennan manning. Some favorite musicians: switchfoot, shawn mcdonald, toby keith, sara mclachlan, nicole c. mullin, josh groban, alanis morrisette, jars of clay